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Emetic, followed by white of egg. Keep very warm. ...


As intimated in the preceding paragraph, the diet during end...

Flushings Hot

These are often a really serious trouble, especially to women,...

The Digestive Process

After we have eaten our four-color meal--often we do this in ...

Skin Care Of

Among the vast majority of people air and water far too seldom...


Emetic; keep quiet and darken the room. Chloral or bromide of ...


Decannulation in neoplastic cases depends upon the nature of...

Interpretation Of Tracings

The interpretation of the arterial tracing shows that the nea...

Foreign Bodies In The Stomach

Gastroscopy is indicated in cases of a foreign body that ref...

Ventilation All-important

If the circulation of air is necessary in any other form of ...

Exercise And Growth

Fatigue as a Danger Signal. The chief use of exercise in ch...


See Erysipelas. ...

Hay Fever

A most effective preventive and cure for this is the inhaling ...

Health And Money

It will be noticed that the remedies we recommend are in almos...

Decannulation After Cure Of Laryngeal Stenosis

In order to train the patient to breathe again through the la...

About Christmas

THERE was once a family who had a guest staying with ...

The Surgical Dissection Of The First Second Third And Fourth Layers Of The Inguinal Region In Connexion With Those Of The Thigh

The common integument or first layer of the inguino-femoral r...


If pneumonia or gonorrhea is supposed to be the cause of the ...


Sometimes mere internal inflammation is mistaken for this dise...


Readily identified by smell of tar or carbolic. Wash mouth wel...


Source: A Manual Of Peroral Endoscopy And Laryngeal Surgery

Dysphagia is the most frequent complaint in cases of
esophageally lodged foreign bodies. A very small object may excite
sufficient spasm to cause aphagia, while a relatively large foreign
body may be tolerated, after a time, so that the swallowing function
may seem normal. Intermittent dysphagia suggests the tilting or
shifting of a foreign body in a valve-like fashion; but may be due to
occlusion of the by-passages by food arrested by the foreign body.
Dyspnea may be present if the foreign body is large enough to
compress the trachea. Cough may be excited by reflex irritation,
overflow of secretions into the larynx, or by perforation of the
posterior tracheal wall, traumatic or ulcerative, allowing leakage of
food or secretion into the trachea. (See Chapter XII for discussion of
symptomatology and diagnosis.)

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