Sources: Papers On Health

In order to prevent decay, the teeth should be carefully

brushed at least once a day, preferably at night, but better still

after each meal. There is no better dentifrice than pure soap, and

M'Clinton's tooth soap, being specially prepared from the ash of plants

and a pure vegetable oil, does not leave the objectionable soapy taste

in the mouth which all soda soaps do.

The prevalence of bad teeth is believed by many to be due to processes

of milling, which remove the bone and enamel making properties of the

grain. So much of the natural salts of the grain are removed to make

bread white that it ceases to be the staff of life. A contributory

cause is the consumption of large quantities of sweets or candies,

especially between meals. White bread lodging in the teeth and thereby

producing acid fermentation, is believed to have a bad effect on them,

also too hot or ice-cold liquids. Remember also that the teeth cannot

be healthy if they are not exercised. The Scotch peasant when he ate

hard oat-cake had splendid teeth, as the Swedish peasants who eat hard

rye-bread still have. Sloppy foods hastily bolted will ruin the

digestion and thereby the teeth, besides depriving them of the work

essential to their good condition. If teeth do decay they should be

seen to by a dentist at once, as their presence in the mouth is

injurious to the general health.