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Extraction Of Soft Friable Foreign Bodies From The Tracheobronchial Tree

The difficulties here consist in the liability of crushing or...

Spring Trouble

Many persons are distressed by some form of eruption or inflam...

Onion Cases

All too many of my cases are what I privately refer to as oni...


Often in cases where our treatment fails to cure, the failure ...

Bathing The Feet

This apparently simple treatment, if the best results are desi...

Muscular Pains

These pains occur usually when a patient has been for some tim...

Roentgenray Study In Foreign Body Cases

Roentgenography.--All cases of chest disease should have the ...


This forms a severe feature in many cases of illness, and has ...

Flushings Hot

These are often a really serious trouble, especially to women,...


The question of the advisability of strychnin is a constant s...


This affection, though it somewhat resembles a common boil, a...


In any case of this pack the feet and legs as directed in Lung...

Extraction Of Open Safety-pins From The Esophagus

An open safety pin with the point down offers no particular ...

Other People_

HOWEVER disagreeable other people may be,--however un...


Wide gagging prevents proper exposure of the larynx by forci...

Stage 4 Passing Through The Hiatus Esophageus

When the head is dropped, it must at the same time be moved ...

Children's Strength

The question often arises as to the ability of children to bea...

Choice Of Time To Do Bronchoscopy For Foreign Body

The difficulties of removal usually increase from the time of...


If the patient is weak, the circulation depressed, the blood ...


In the common form this is purely neuralgic. The nerves are in...

Temperature Of The Sick-room

Source: Hydriatic Treatment Of Scarlet Fever In Its Different Forms

The _temperature of the sick-room_ should not be much above 65 deg.
Fahrenheit; in no case should it rise above 70, whilst I do not see the
necessity of keeping it below 60, as some hydriatic physicians
advise. The patient, in the heat of fever, will think 60 deg. high
enough, and rather pleasant; and if others do not like a temperature as
low as that, they may retire. The person necessary for nursing the
patient may dress warmly and sit near the fire. Let the sick-room be as
large as possible; or open the door and windows of a room connected with
it. Towards the close of the disease, after desquamation has begun, the
temperature of the room may be kept at 70 deg., as then the fever and heat
have subsided and the delicate skin of the patient requires a
comfortable temperature.

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