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Training For Motion

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Diffuse Dilatation Of The Esophagus

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Punctures Case Iv

The present case is somewhat more severe than those which hav...

The Human Comedy

Category: Diet and Nutrition
Source: How And When To Be Your Own Doctor

I know most of my readers have been heavily indoctrinated about food
and think they already know the truth about dietetics. I also know
that so much information (and misinformation) is coming out about
diet that most of my readers are massively confused about the
subject. These are two powerful reasons many readers will look with
disbelief at what this chapter has to say and take no action on my
data, even to prove me wrong.

Let me warn you. There is a deep-seated human tendency to put off
taking responsibilities, beautifully demonstrated by this old joke.

A 14 year old boy was discovered masturbating by his father, who
said, "son, you shouldn't do that! If you keep it up you'll
eventually go blind!"

"But father," came the boy's quick reply. "It feels good. How about
if I don't quit until I need to wear glasses?"

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