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The following treatment will be found effective to heal less s...

Exercise And Growth

Fatigue as a Danger Signal. The chief use of exercise in ch...

During And After Desquamation The Treatment Should Be Continued As

indicated in milder cases, except the throat continue troubleso...

Secondary Eliminations Are Disease

However the exact form the chain from irritation or malnutrit...

On Ulcers

From the preceding observations it would naturally be conclud...


The presence of a well marked case of exophthalmic goiter is ...

Racks From Lifting

See Muscular Pains; Sprains. ...

Nerve Pain

See Pain. ...

Theory Of Man

Let the question now be raised--What is man? The answer will ...


The stomach of any individual having a normal esophagus and n...


This disease is caused by inflammation of the mucous membrane...


Tea should not be infused longer than three or four minutes, an...

Extraction Of Foreign Bodies From The Strictured Esophagus

Foreign bodies of relatively small size will lodge in a stri...

Ulcers Case Xxvii

Mrs. Wakefield, aged 36, had an extensive ulceration with exc...


The present 100 per cent mortality in cancer of the esophagu...


Though not often fatal, this illness gives serious trouble. It...

Polar Antagonism

When the conducting cords are of equal length, as commonly th...


I shall say but little about this very common and very obstin...

Paroxysmal Tachycardia

This condition is generally termed by the patient a "palpitat...

The Relative Anatomy Of The Male Pelvic Organs

As the abdomen and pelvis form one general cavity, the organs...

The Prognosis

Source: Hydriatic Treatment Of Scarlet Fever In Its Different Forms

under a well conducted course of hydriatic treatment is, in general,
favorable. Much depends, however, on the season of the year (in damp and
cold weather--partly owing to a lack of pure air in the sick-room--the
disease is more dangerous than in summer); on the general health of the
patient (not on his mere looks, for well-fed and stout children are
subject to affections of the brain); on the age of the patient (adults
are generally more in danger than children); on the form of the disease
and the character of the fever (erethic or mild fever being the most
favorable, whilst typhoid fever is the worst; a violent character of the
fever is not very dangerous under hydriatic treatment, as we have plenty
of means to limit its ravages without weakening the patient); on the
eruption, the condition of the throat, the process of desquamation, &c.

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