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Medical Articles


Where persistent weariness is felt, and the least exertion bri...

Cancer In Face

Treat as far as possible as recommended for breast cancer. ...


This disease, or its approach, may be known by several signs: ...

Deformities Of The Prostate Distortions And Obstructions Of The Prostatic Urethra

The prostate is liable to such frequent and varied deformitie...


Is a disease springing from disordered digestion, and caused s...

Bowels Lax

A teaspoonful of lemon juice (freshly expressed), along with h...

Fomentation Armchair

This is applied as follows. Over a large armchair spread a fol...

Physical Signs Of Tracheal Foreign Body

If fixed in the trachea the only objective sign of foreign bo...

Potato The

The proper cooking of this root is so important for health, ow...


Janeway [Footnote: Janeway, T. C.: A Clinical Study of Hypert...


Take B D current, strong force. Apply P. P. to the open blood...

Treatment Of Other Eruptive Fevers

The treatment as prescribed for scarlatina in this pamphlet, ...

Medical Amulets

Among the various subjects which belong to the province of ...


Tea should not be infused longer than three or four minutes, an...

Bone Soft

Often, in the young, the bones are so soft that they bend more...

Cooling In Heating

Often it is difficult to get a sufficient cooling effect by me...

Punctures Case Viii

This case illustrates the mode of treatment by the lunar caus...


The part of the heart most affected is the part which has the...

Nursing Over

Few vital processes are more remarkable than that by which foo...

Changing Treatment

To wisely alter and arrange the treatment in any case is of th...

The Prognosis

Source: Hydriatic Treatment Of Scarlet Fever In Its Different Forms

under a well conducted course of hydriatic treatment is, in general,
favorable. Much depends, however, on the season of the year (in damp and
cold weather--partly owing to a lack of pure air in the sick-room--the
disease is more dangerous than in summer); on the general health of the
patient (not on his mere looks, for well-fed and stout children are
subject to affections of the brain); on the age of the patient (adults
are generally more in danger than children); on the form of the disease
and the character of the fever (erethic or mild fever being the most
favorable, whilst typhoid fever is the worst; a violent character of the
fever is not very dangerous under hydriatic treatment, as we have plenty
of means to limit its ravages without weakening the patient); on the
eruption, the condition of the throat, the process of desquamation, &c.

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