Throat Hoarseness

Sources: Papers On Health

This is best treated by a good large BRAN POULTICE

(see) on the back of the head and neck. While the patient lies on

this, cold towels must be changed on the front above the "apple" of the

throat. Do this for an hour twice a day. Or, if the feet be cold, give

treatment as in Teething. There must also be rest from talking.

Procure a good camel's-hair throat-brush from the druggist, and brush

the back of the throat well with weak ACETIC ACID (see) several times

a day, or simply gargle if there is difficulty with the brushing. The

brush must be carefully cleansed, and dipped in the strong acid after


Especially is it necessary to give up, in such cases, the use of

tobacco. Where the trouble has lasted for years, it may be slow to

heal, and the poulticing may be done only once a week. In ordinary

cases, a day or two's treatment should cure.

Many times we have seen a good fomentation of feet and legs alone give

very sensible relief. Never be satisfied with putting a hot bottle or

brick to the feet. This is a lazy way of dealing with a serious case.

Have the feet and legs up to the knees rubbed with vinegar and olive

oil, and wrapped in a large blanket fomentation. It is not the mere dry

skin of the soles of the feet that needs warming: the whole legs,

especially the muscles, require the moist heat of a thorough

fomentation. Circulation is at once accelerated just where it is

wanted, so as to lessen the pressure where the vital stream is pressing

too heavily and lodging in a dangerous congestion. It is good even if

the feet are not very cold, but only cool, to ply this part of the

remedy well. Where the patient is strong enough to sit out of bed, a

good hot foot-bath will do instead of this fomentation.