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Anything which tends to increase the acidity of the tissues a...

Yellow Fever

[As I have never practiced farther South than Cincinnati, and...

Acute Esophagitis

This is usually of traumatic or cauterant origin. If severe o...

The Resort Treatment Of Chronic Heart Disease

In line with the continued growing popularity of special reso...

Fruits And Vegetables

The Special Uses of Fruits and Vegetables. We come now to t...

Our Spirit-levels

The Sixth Sense. Though we usually speak of having five sens...

Convulsions Of Children - Fits

These generally occur, either from the irritation of worms, o...

Hip-joint Disease

Thorough heating, with moist heat is the best treatment for th...

Our Feet

The Living Arches of the Foot. One of the most important thin...

The Frightening Heart

Heart disease is one of the major causes of death among North...


This affection, though it somewhat resembles a common boil, a...

Baths And Bathing

Bathing as a Means of Cleanliness. It has been said that one ...


This is a disease of children. Comes on in consequence of a s...


The treatment of a suspected coronary sclerosis is the same a...

The Human Comedy

I know most of my readers have been heavily indoctrinated abo...

Breast Cancer

I have worked with many young women with breast cancer; so ma...

Length Of Bath

Although the temperature, in sthenic cases, should be a littl...

Nervous Strain In The Emotions

THE most intense suffering which follows a misuse of ...

Blood Supply Of

To supply good blood in cases where it is lacking, either from...

Electrical Classification Of Diseases

There are two, and only two, primary classes of disease--thos...

Torpid Liver

Source: A Newly Discovered System Of Electrical Medication

Take A D or B D current, full medium force. Treat with N. P. over the
liver, at the right side, immediately below the short ribs, and thence
backward and a little upward, as far as to the spine, holding P. P. on
the left side, close under the ribs, for about four to six minutes. Then
remove P. P. to the spine, on back of neck, two or three minutes. Next,
go with the P. P. to coccyx two or three minutes; continuing, as at
first, to manipulate with N. P. over the liver. Let the whole treatment
occupy some eight to twelve minutes. Repeat the sittings about three
times a week.

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