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There are cases in which the outer skin has been taken off by ...


This is neuralgia in an ischiatic nerve, commonly the great i...

Dysmenorrhea Painful Menstruation

If the disease be occasioned by uterine displacement, obstruc...

Food In Illness

Light, easily digested food is of the first importance in many...

Sick Headache

See Headache. ...

Eyes Inflamed

For all kinds of burning inflammatory pain in the eyes, the fo...

Neuralgia And Rheumatism Of The Heart

If neuralgia, use B D current; if rheumatism, use A D. In eit...

Angioneurotic Edema

Angioneurotic edema manifests itself by a pale or red swolle...

Skin Creeping

A sensation sometimes very much annoys patients, which they de...


Fatigue, excessive heat, fright, loss of blood, hunger, etc., ...


Bilateral abductor laryngeal paralysis causes severe stenosi...


As so many times repeated, real pain must be stopped, and mor...

Drugs In Hypertension

The drugs that are mostly used to lower blood pressure are ni...

The Surgical Form Of The Deep Cervical And Facial Regions And The Relative Position Of The Principal Bloodvessels And Nerves

While the human cervix is still extended in surgical position...

The Eye

How the Eye is Made. Next in importance after the smell and t...


Strict aseptic technic must be observed in all endoscopic pr...

Soap M'clinton's

Those of our readers who have followed out in practice the sug...

Cholera Morbus

This disease generally comes on at night, in hot weather, and...


Janeway [Footnote: Janeway, T. C.: A Clinical Study of Hypert...

Rotation Forceps

It is sometimes desired to make traction on an irregularly s...

Trismus Lockjaw

Source: A Newly Discovered System Of Electrical Medication

For traumatic trismus, use the B D current, of vigorous force. Let the
wound be kept open and clear, except that soothing emollients may be
applied. Place N. P. at the coccyx, or near it on the spine; and then
treat, by firm but momentary touches of the P. P., over the lower
maxillary--pterygoid--muscles and nerves; indeed, over the entire
lower jaw and its articulations. Treat five to ten minutes, if
necessary, or until the jaws relax.

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