Sources: Papers On Health

A large, soft, fleshy tumour is usually simply an

accumulation of waste material, which should have been excreted from

the body if all the organs were in healthy working order. Where such a

swelling exists, the first consideration is diet. For this, Barley

(see) as chief food will do very well. Lemon and orange juice (see

Drinks) should be the drinks. The barley must not be cooked with

milk, and the drinks must be made with pure water. This plain diet

will help very much towards the removal of the tumour.

Then the back should be rubbed (see Massage) with hot olive oil twice

a day. This treatment alone has often removed the disagreeable

swellings on the neck so often afflicting women.

Also, fine soap lather (see Lather; Soap) should be gently rubbed

repeatedly over the tumour itself. This alone we have known remove

tumours, so it is important.

The three forms of treatment, all applied carefully, will cure all but

very obstinate cases. See also Armpit Swelling; Hydrocele.

Where fibrous tumours exist, the treatment is to douche cold water on

the part affected, while the rest of the body is kept warm. In case of

such a growth in the abdomen, the patient sits in cold water, while the

feet are placed in hot water, and the whole body warmly wrapped in

blankets. Cold water is then thrown against the spot where the tumour

lies. If the tumour is discovered early, its growth may be entirely

stopped by this means. Such treatment for several minutes twice a day

has in our own experience cured cases pronounced incurable. See Sitz