To dream of rabbits, foretells favorable turns in conditions,and you will be more pleased with your gains than formerly.To see white rabbits, denotes faithfulness in love, to the married or single.To see rabbits frolicing about, denotes that children... Read more of Rabbit at My Dreams.caInformational Site Network Informational


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Medical Articles


See Indigestion. ...


Use the A D current, strong force. Place the N. P., long cord...


What is commonly called a "cough and spit" is sometimes due to...

Declining Limb A

See Limbs, Drawn up. ...


Is a most valuable aid to health, acting as a physical and men...

Diffuse Dilatation Of The Esophagus

This is practically always due to stagnation ectasia, which i...

Glands Swollen

This is a very common trouble, especially in the young. To res...


How Nuts should be Used. Another form of fat is the meat of ...

The Woman At The Next Desk

IT may be the woman sewing in the next chair; it may ...

Positive And Negative Manifestations

Acute diseases are to be regarded as electrically positive, a...


It may be proper, in this place, to spend a few words upon el...

Pulmonary Insufficiency Pulmonary Regurgitation

If this rare condition occurs, it is probably congenital. A ...

Technic Of Bronchoscopy

Local anesthesia is usually employed in the adult. The patien...


Simple remedies such as we advocate are found of immense servi...


(1) Nerve or imaginary chills. These are feelings of cold, whe...


There are cases in which the outer skin has been taken off by ...

Blood Pressure

The study of the blood pressure has become a subject of gre...


Take B D current, forceful as the patient can bear, and treat...

The Electric Circuit

The Electric Circuit is made up of any thing and every thing ...

Favorable Symptoms

are the following: Absence of internal inflammation; a bright...

Turnip Poultice

Source: Papers On Health

Part of a raw turnip is grated down to a pulp. As
much of this is prepared as will cover the inflamed part. It is put on
next the skin, and covered with a soft cloth. All is then tied nicely
up in another cloth. In violent inflammation of the knee joint, this is
a most valuable soothing application. Placed on discoloured and
shrivelled skin, it is marvellously curative. When applied, the patient
must be thoroughly warm. This warmth must be maintained while the
poultice is on, as it has a powerful cooling effect.

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