Sources: Papers On Health

An ulcer is an "eating sore": that is, a sore containing

matter which eats away the skin and flesh, thereby extending itself,

and increasing in depth as well. To stop this diseased process, the

virulent matter in the ulcer must be killed or neutralised, and this

can usually best be done by means of vinegar or weak ACETIC ACID

(see), which is most powerfully antiseptic. The only difficulty is to

avoid irritating the sore by the application of too strong acid. The

treatment by weak acid is very effective, but it must be a fairly

prolonged and thorough soaking. Apply a little at a time to the sore.

Use warm water if pain be caused. Continue the soaking for even an hour

at a time, twice or even three times a day. The wound may be dressed

with good fresh olive oil after each soaking. Usually, nothing else

will be required, but it must be thoroughly done.

In a very severe case, mix in a teacupful of hot water as much

saltpetre as the water will dissolve. Add to this a teaspoonful of

acetic acid, and use this to soak the sore instead of simple weak acid.

Then, if healing does not come, it is probably because rest is not

taken, and most likely also because there is deficient vitality in the

whole system. Let the treatment with the lotion be given in the

morning. Secure rest during the day, and in the evening, for an hour,

thoroughly foment the feet and legs up over the knees. Once a week for

two weeks give the SOAPY BLANKET (see) instead of this treatment, and

in the morning rub all over the body with hot vinegar. This powerfully

stimulates the vitality of the whole system. Even a very bad ulcer

should give way under a careful course of united acid soaking, rest,

and this stimulating treatment.