Uric Acid

Sources: Papers On Health

This acid is found in persons of a gouty tendency, such

tendencies being a great deal more common than is imagined.

It is really a waste product formed by the activity of the body cells,

and should properly be mainly transformed into urea and so excreted. If

it is not so transformed it accumulates in the blood and deposits in

stony formations in different parts of the body, as in the joints,

kidneys and bladder, causing very serious disease. Pure air and plenty

of exercise will assist its transformation.

It is also taken into the body in various foods, particularly meat and

tea, which are very rich in it or kindred chemical substances,

therefore, anyone having such a tendency should avoid these. The

consumption of sugar should also be limited. Avoid alcohol and use

plenty of green vegetables and fruits.

The tendency to a "uric acid" constitution is hereditary, and is

prevalent among families who live high. Such should be continually on

the watch lest their diet should precipitate an attack. Water should be

freely drunk, and plenty of bathing with subsequent rubbing of the

muscles or massage is advisable.

Drugs are to be avoided as they often result in painful heart

affection, and besides do not strike at the real root of the disease.

Soda or lithia water may be taken either with or without milk. Brine

baths may be taken when practicable.