Vaccination Trouble

Sources: Papers On Health

When a child is suffering after vaccination, we

should have him gently rubbed all over--thrice at least with

M'Clinton's soap (see Lather). No one who has not seen this well done

can believe how blessed are its effects on an irritated skin. It

soothes incredibly. When thoroughly covered and covered again with

well-made lather of this soap, the child will sleep beautifully. We

should soap head and all, and let the little man sleep all night in the

soap. He may be sponged in the morning with weak vinegar and water to

clean off the remains of the soap, if there are any. Now, there will

occur a most important question: Is the child cold or feverish? If

cold, then mix some good olive oil in your rubbing with the lather. If

hot, use no oil. If cold, rub all over with warm oil before applying

the lather. It will make no difference, or next to none, if the disease

has broken out as a visible skin disease, only it will be necessary to

use the vinegar on the unbroken parts of the skin and not to distress

the child by painful smarting. The soap will not need to be so

restricted. That cures the most tender sores, and soothes in a

delightful way.