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Medical Articles

Diet Is Not Enough

Those isolated, long-lived peoples discovered by Weston A. Pr...


See Rash. ...

Extent Of Electric Agency

When we have settled upon the position that the electricity o...


This is usually brought on by some excessive strain upon the b...

Compression Stenosis Of The Trachea And Bronchi

Compression of the trachea is most commonly caused by goiter...


Metallo-therapy has been defined as a mode of treating vari...

Brain Impressions

THE mere idea of a brain clear from false impressions gives a...

Intestinal Putrefaction

The most successful procedure in the management of intestinal...

The Poor Start

For this reason it makes sense to take vitamins and food sup...


In order to prevent decay, the teeth should be carefully brush...


Cold baths, while greatly to be recommended to those who are s...


In every person there is a certain amount only of force which i...

Finding Your Ideal Dietary

Anyone that is genuinely interested in having the best possib...


If the patient is weak, the circulation depressed, the blood ...

Plate Iv

A, Gastroscopic view of a gastrojejunostomy opening drawn pat...

Demonstrations Of The Origin And Progress Of Inguinal Herniae In General

PLATE 41, Fig. 1.--When the serous spermatic tube is oblitera...


Decannulation in neoplastic cases depends upon the nature of...


If pneumonia or gonorrhea is supposed to be the cause of the ...

Blood Pressure And Insurance

An epitome of the consensus of opinion of the risk of accepti...

Head Skin Of The

The nerves of sensibility are very largely supplied to the ski...

Varieties Of Forms Of Scarlatina

Source: Hydriatic Treatment Of Scarlet Fever In Its Different Forms

The above is the description of scarlet-fever, as it most frequently
occurs. But far from taking always that regular course, the constitution
of the patient, the intensity of the epidemy and the virulence of the
poison, the treatment and other circumstances influencing the
development of the disease, cause several anomalies, from scarlatina
simplex to scarlatina maligna, which too often baffles all the resources
of the Medical Art.

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