Vegetables Green And Fruit

Sources: Papers On Health

We would strongly recommend our readers

to continually have these valuable foods on their tables. It is

possible to obtain them in some form or other during the entire year.

They contain very valuable salts, which are of the greatest use in

preventing disease. These salts are absolutely necessary for life, and

though found in other foods such as meat, are particularly abundant in

these vegetables. If cooked they must be carefully prepared, as the

salts are very soluble in water (see Cooking). Vegetable salads and

fruit salads are to be recommended. Those of gouty or corpulent

tendencies will find these of especial use. By keeping the blood

alkaline they are a preventive of many diseases. Spinach, cabbage,

lettuce, and all the fruits offer a variety from which at each season

one may choose.

It is to be observed that common salt and salt such as bi-carbonate of

soda, do not adequately replace those food salts. Indeed,

over-consumption of common salt is harmful, besides leading to

unnatural thirst.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are always to be preferred to tinned ones.