Wounds Ill-smelling

Sources: Papers On Health

For all such wounds, the best method is frequent

cleansing with vinegar or dilute ACETIC ACID (see) by means of a

small glass syringe, such as may be got at any druggist's (see

Abscess; Wounds, Syringing). We know one case where the patient was

expelled from a curative home because of the evil smell of his wounds,

three careful cleanings out with dilute acid so removed all odour that

the patient was at once readmitted. Where the wound is very tender,

soak soft cloths or lint in the dilute acid, and lay them on the wound

three or four ply thick. Remove and renew them every quarter-of-an-hour

till the smell is gone. Of course the cloths should be immediately

washed or, better, burned. In using the syringe, care should be taken

to suck out the ill matter, as well as to send the dilute acid well

down into the sore. Careful cleaning of the syringe with boiling

water before use is necessary.