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Cheiranthus Cheiri

NAT. ORD., Cruciferae.

COMMON NAME, Wall flower.

PREPARATION.--The fresh plant is pounded to a pulp and macerated in two
parts by weight of alcohol.

(Dr. Robert T. Cooper, of London, contributed the
following to the Hahnemannian Monthly, 1897):

A tincture is used made from a single dark-flowered plant. No proving of
this remedy has come under my notice, yet I consider the following case
worth reporting: T. T., age twenty, a clerk; admission date, 30th April,
1892; never heard well on the left side, but particularly deaf the last
month, and deafness increases; watch, hearing contact only. History of
much earache in childhood; left ear discharges, but the discharge does
not run out. Wisdom teeth; left upper and right, lower and upper,
breaking through. Gave Cheiranthus cheiri.

28th May, hears very much better; left, 3-1/2 inches. No medicine.

11th June, continues improving gradually; left, 15 inches.

25th June, continues to hear voices very fairly on the left side, but no
improvement since last time; left, 15 inches. Gave Cheiranthus cheiri.

25th July, restoration of improving condition; left, 20 inches. No

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