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Mucuna Urens

NAT. ORD., Leguminosae.

COMMON NAME, Horse-eye.

PREPARATION.--The pulverized bean is macerated in five times its weight
of alcohol.

(Delgado Palacios, of Venezuela, in 1897, wrote Messrs.
Boericke & Tafel concerning this remedy):

Reading the list of remedies of your "Physicians' Price Current," I was
very much astonished to meet with the name Dolichos pruriens, which
the greater and modern authorities in botanical matters consider an
identical plant with Mucuna urens.

You will meet the botanical description of Mucuna urens and
altissima (two varieties) in the Flora of West Indian Islands, by A.
H. R. Grisebach, p. 198 (Grisebach regards Mucuna and Dolichos as
two different genus).

If one consider that there is a discussion upon this subject, and on the
other hand that the mother tincture you possess is that which is made
with the hair on the epidermis of the pod (North American Journal of
Homoeopathy, vol. 1, p. 209. Allgemeine Homoeopathische Zeitung,
vol. 53, p. 135. Oehme, Hale's Amerikanische Heilmittel, p. 242),
while the tincture which we employ is made with the pulverized bean (1:5
alcohol) enclosed in the pod of a special plant which grows in the calid
regions of Venezuela I believe you must try the same tincture we use and
the success will be that which we obtain.

I have used my tincture of Mucuna urens extensively in a great number
of haemorrhoids and with the most satisfactory results. It seems that the
characteristic symptom or key-note is a sensation of burning. The
haemorrhoids may be or not in a great stage of development, there may be
more or less blood, etc.

One can consider the Mucuna urens as a specific against the
haemorrhoidal diathesis. The diseases of other organs, depending upon
that cause, liver, uterus (haemorrhage) and intestinal affections, yield
admirably to its use.

I have been treating recently a remarkable case of chronic ingurgitation
of a testicle, small and frequent haematurias, and other intestinal
troubles with a prominent symptom, the haemorrhoidal state, which led me
to use Mucuna, and in a few months I have obtained a perfect success.

The experiences have taught me, and I have the conviction that this
tincture is a more perfect remedy for the cure of haemorrhoids than any
other remedy known. I rely upon it more faithfully than I do upon
Hamamelis, AEsculus, etc.

Its pathogenetics are not known.

I frequently use the mother tincture in the haemorrhoids, one drop daily.
I seldom use the lower dilutions. Mucuna may be used also, and with
success, as an ointment.

The beans are very difficult to obtain; the plant has a single yearly

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