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Salix Nigra Aments

NAT. ORD., Salicaceae.

COMMON NAME, White Willow.

PREPARATION.--The fresh aments are macerated in twice their weight of

(Dr. John Fearns writes of this remedy in Chicago
Medical Times, 1896:)

At this writing I wish to speak not of the tonic and antiseptic
properties of this species of Salix, but of its usefulness as a
sedative to the generative system. As a sedative on these lines I have
had very good results from its use.

In cases of acute gonorrhoea with much errotic trouble. Also in cases
of chordee with great irritation; for these purposes I have given it in
doses of thirty to sixty drops on retiring, and repeat at midnight or
towards morning, if needed; in these cases nothing has given me more
satisfaction than this remedy. It answers the purpose, it robs night of
its terrors, and it leaves no unpleasant consequences in its train.

In cases of excessive venereal desire, amounting to satyriasis, from
experience I would use this remedy first. I have seen it control the
venereal appetite in a very satisfactory manner. It can be given in
cases where the bromides have always been considered appropriate, and it
can be given where the bromides would be very inappropriate and there is
no reflex effect on the brain or nervous system.

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