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Scutellaria Laterifolia

NAT. ORD., Labiatae.

COMMON NAME, Mad-dog skullcap.

PREPARATION.--The whole fresh plant is macerated in twice its weight of

(The following proving of Scutellaria lat., from
University Bulletin, 1897, was made, under the auspices
of Dr. Geo. Royal, by nine provers:)

No symptom has been recorded unless experienced by two provers. When
experienced by two provers, and not often repeated, the symptom is
recorded in common type. When often repeated in two provings is found in
italics. When often repeated in three provings, or found in four or
more, the symptoms appear in black type.

MIND.--=Inability to study or fix the attention on one's work.=
Confusion of mind. Apathy. Irritability.

HEAD.--=A full or throbbing sensation in head.= =A dull heavy headache
mostly in the forehead and temples.= Sharp shooting pain in the head.
Pain in the occiput. Headache relieved in the open air. Headache
relieved by eating. Headache aggravated by motion.

EYES.--Aching in the eyeballs. Eyeballs painful to touch. Eyeballs
feel too large.


MOUTH.--Bad taste; sour; bitter.

THROAT.--Sensation of lump in throat which could not be swallowed.

STOMACH.--=Nausea.= =Sour eructions.= Poor appetite. Vomiting of sour
ingesta, hiccoughs, pain and distress in stomach.

ABDOMEN.--=Gas in bowels.= Colicky pain in abdomen. Fullness or
distension of abdomen. Uneasiness in abdomen. Pain in the abdomen.

STOOLS.--=Diarrhoea.= Light colored. Stools preceded by colicky pain
in abdomen.

URINARY ORGANS.--=Quantity of urine diminished. Biliary salts increased.=
Frequent micturition but quantity small.

CHEST.--Pain in chest.

HEART AND PULSE.--Pulse rate irregular.

BACK.--Pain in back.

UPPER EXTREMITIES.--Sharp stinging pains. Aching.

LOWER EXTREMITIES.--=Weakness.= =Aching.= Uneasiness.

SLEEP.--=Restless.= =Unrefreshing.= Disturbed.

GENERAL SYMPTOMS.--=Restlessness.= =Tired weak feeling.= Uneasiness.

The remedy seems most suitable to persons of a nervo-bilious
temperament. All the symptoms seem to be aggravated by work or
excitement and ameliorated by sleep.

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