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1. Pneumonia, Herb Tea and Poultice for

Category: Respiratory Diseases

of the lungs. One ounce of each of the following, slippery elm bark,
crushed thyme, coltsfoot flowers, hyssop or marshmallow. Simmer in two
quarts of water down to three pints; strain and add one teaspoonful of
cayenne. Dose:--Wineglassful every half hour. Apply hot bran poultices or
chamomile scalded in vinegar, changing often until the violence of the
symptoms abate. If the bowels are confined, give an injection of half pint
of hot water in which one-half teaspoonful each of gum myrrh, turkey
rhubarb and ginger powder have been well mixed. If possible give vapor
bath. Apply hot stones or bottles to the feet."

2. Pneumonia, Home Remedy for. "This can easily be relieved by the use of
cayenne and vapor bath. This promotes the circulation in every part of the
body, diminishing the pressure upon the lungs. These baths produce a
regular circulation throughout the whole body, thus relieving the pressure
upon the lungs by decreasing the amount of blood in the lungs. These baths
should be taken but once a day, as they are weakening."

3. Pneumonia, Hot Vinegar Applications for. Congestion of Lungs. "Over
the lungs lay cloths wet in clear hot vinegar. They should be five or six
inches square and several thicknesses. Over the cloths lay a hot plate or
hot water bottle; change as often as necessary to keep them hot. This
treatment will soon give relief, after which rub as much oil into the
lungs as possible."


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