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Albumin in the urine. (Albuminuria)

Category: Obstetrics or Midwifery

While the urine of about six to ten
per cent of all pregnant women contains albumin, the appearance of this
symptom should always be regarded with apprehension. Women who are in
their first pregnancy are most frequently affected. If the woman has had
disease of the kidneys before her pregnancy began this symptom will likely
appear in the early months; if it is caused by pressure, etc., it may not
appear until after the sixth month, but both acute and chronic.
inflammation of the kidneys may develop at any period of pregnancy. Dr.
Manton, of Detroit, states, "In the majority of cases, the albuminuria is
due to the so-called kidney of pregnancy, in which there is no
inflammation, but a fatty infiltration of the epithelial cells associated
with anemia of the organ." The urine may also contain casts. Whatever the
cause it indicates a condition of insufficiency of the kidney which may
lead to serious consequences to the mother and it is also injurious to the
(foetus) child. If this symptom develops suddenly the danger to both is
greatly increased. For this reason physicians should urge pregnant women
to have their urine examined frequently, especially during the later
months of pregnancy.

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