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ALCOHOL (Spirit of Wine)

Category: Medical Uses of Some Common Household Articles

Alcohol is a liquid composed of ninety-one per
cent by weight of ethylic alcohol and of nine per cent by weight of water.
Alcohol dissolves alkaloids, fatty and resinous substances, and is largely
used as a menstruum in obtaining the active principles of drugs in an
available form for administration. It is the basis for spirits, tinctures
and elixirs; spirits being solutions of volatile substances in alcohol;
tinctures, solutions of active principles of plants, generally obtained by
maceration and percolation. An elixir is a cordial flavored with orange
and syrup, used as a vehicle for other remedies and as a stomachic.

Its action is very extensive. It is used extensively in medical
preparations. It is a good application to prevent bed-sores. The addition
of one dram of alum to a pint makes it more effective. Hot applications
relieve pain in face neuralgia, cold in the face or toothache. It is often
used after bathing in full strength or diluted to rub on the body to
prevent taking cold. It stimulates the digestive organs, nervous system
and the circulation. It is much used in snake-bite. Its constant use is a
menace, as all know. It should never be taken for disease unless
prescribed by a reputable physician.

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