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ALUM (Alumen)

Category: Medical Uses of Some Common Household Articles

Dried alum is an astringent and mild "burner" for growths
such as "proud flesh." The glycerite of alum is useful in tonsilitis or
pharyngitis when it is not acute. In solution it condenses tissue by
coagulating their albumin and acts as an astringent.

Uses of the Strength. One dram to a pint of whisky and water aids in
checking sweating in consumption when applied with a sponge. It is a good
injection for the whites. A cotton plug soaked in alum often stops
nosebleed by inserting it in the nostrils, or a solution may be thrown or
snuffed into the nostrils. It is also good as a gargle for tonsilitis and
sore throat.

Emetic for Croup. Put a heaping teaspoonful in thirty-two teaspoonfuls of
water or syrup and give a teaspoonful every fifteen minutes until vomiting
is produced. It is often used stronger when quick action is desired. It is
a mild astringent and thus used to check mucous discharges from the
bowels, etc. Burnt powdered alum is often used to destroy "proud flesh."

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