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ARSENICAL POISONING, Chronic Cases, Causes

Category: Accidents, Emergencies and Poisons

Inhaling arsenic from dyes,
in wall-paper, carpet, etc, Taking it in by the mouth in handling dyed
paper, artificial flowers, etc., and in many fabrics employed as clothing.
The glazed green and red papers used in the kindergartens also contain
arsenic. The drug given in repeated and excessive doses causes poisoning

Symptoms. Dry throat, watery swelling of the eyelids, sometimes coryza,
nausea, burning vomiting, and burning watery diarrhea; skin eruptions,
falling off of the hair, paralysis of the arms and legs, with wasting and
numbness, but little pain, The legs are most affected, causing steppage

Treatment. Remove the cause in these chronic cases and treat the
symptoms. It may be best for a physician to prescribe treatment.

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