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BALDNESS. (Alopecia). Causes

Category: Diseases of The Skin

Hereditary and diseases. Congenital and
senile (old age) baldness is incurable. Congenital (born without hair)
baldness is rare.

MOTHERS' REMEDIES. 1. Baldness, Well Recommended for. "A first class hair
restorative is made of sage tea and whisky in equal parts with a dash of
quinine in the bottle."

2. Baldness, Vaselin and Quinine for.

"Vaselin 1 ounce
Quinine 1/2 ounce"

Mix together and apply to the scalp.

3. Baldness, Good Canadian Remedy for. "Strong sage tea. Rub the scalp
frequently. I have used this with great success."

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT for Baldness. Persons who have an hereditary
tendency to baldness should pay close attention to the hygiene of the
scalp, as this is very important. The hair should be shampooed two or
three times a week, to remove sebaceous accumulations and other foreign
materials. After the scalp has been thoroughly rinsed with clean water and
dried, some oil or (tube) vaselin should be rubbed in, Fine-toothed combs
should never be used, The daily wetting of the hair is injurious, Rats
should be light and well aired, When the hair begins to fall, stimulating
applications should be used, in the form of ointments or lotions. The
following are among the best with the author's name given but in English
instead of Latin.

Dr. Schalek. 1.

Bichloride of Mercury 3 grains
Tinct. of Cantharides 1/2 ounce
Oil of Sweet Almonds 1 dram
Spirits of Rosemary 1 ounce
Rectified Spirits of Wine 2 ounces
Distilled water enough to make 6 ounces

Mix; shake bottle well; rub thoroughly into the scalp every morning.

2. Carbolic add 15 grains
Glycerin 2 drams
Cologne water 1 ounce

Mix, and apply to the scalp once daily.

3. Precipitated Sulphur 1 dram
Lanolin 2-1/2 drams
Glycerin 2-1/2 drams
Rose water enough to make 1 ounce

Mix well. Part the hair in different places and rub ointment into the

4. Ihle's Mixture.

Resorcin 1-1/2 drams
Castor Oil 1-1/2 ounces
Spirits of Wine 5 ounces
Balsam Peru 10 drops

Mix. Rub into the scalp daily with a piece of flannel.

5. Bulkley's Lotion.

Tincture Cantharides 1/2 ounce
Tincture Capsicum 1/2 ounce
Castor Oil 1 dram
Cologne Water 1 ounce

Mix and apply daily to the scalp.

6. Lassar's Ointment.

Pilocarpine Muriate 30 grains
Vaseline 5 drams
Lanolin 2 ounces
Oil of Lavender 20 drops

Mix and apply to the scalp.

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