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Category: Obstetrics or Midwifery

Extremes in hot and cold bathing should be avoided. The skin
should be kept active by daily comfortable baths, followed by a brisk
rubbing with a rough towel. The Bowels and Bladder. The bowels, as before
stated, are usually constipated and should be kept open by coarse foods,
fruit and, when necessary, mild laxatives; mineral waters and enemas
especially should not be given. It should not be forgotten that in some
women injections into the bowel are liable to bring on contractions of the

No woman, and especially no pregnant woman, should ever neglect the
bowels, as much discomfort and ill health are caused by improper
eliminations of the bowel contents. The bladder should also have proper
care. This is apt to be irritable during the early and later months of
pregnancy, owing to being pressed upon by the womb. A mild inflammation
arises in some cases. The woman should take plenty of water, either pure
or effervescing, to induce sufficient secretion in the kidneys, and also
to flush them. This is also very good for an irritable bladder. In order
that the physician may keep himself informed regarding the condition of
the kidneys, the urine of every pregnant woman should be examined, both
chemically and microscopically, every two weeks from the beginning of
pregnancy; during the late months of pregnancy the urine analysis should
be made weekly. Catherized specimens should be used because leucorrheal
discharges, so common in pregnancy, may give the albumin reaction. If the
above advice of Dr. Manton, of Detroit, was followed in every case there
would be fewer cases of trouble during the confinement. I remember one
case; the lady was seven months along when I was called. She was feeling
badly and complained much of her eyes; an analysis of the urine showed
thick with albumin. The failure of her sight was due to thc condition of
her kidneys. If the urine had been examined early and often, her condition
might have been prevented. Watch the kidneys, have the urine examined
frequently and carefully.

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