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Category: Digestive Organs

This condition presents different symptoms in different
cases, but it always includes languor, headache or dizziness, perhaps some
yellow color of the skin and conjunctiva, and a general sense of want of
tone, depression of spirits and discomfort.

Causes. The liver does not perform its function well, or there is a
retention of bile in the bile ducts. Most of the symptoms do not depend
directly upon the changes in the bile, but upon failure of proper
digestion in the stomach and intestines. Certain poorly prepared foods or
improper food for stomach digestion, quickly cause the development of
active fermentation and its results irritate the stomach mucous membrane
bringing about a faulty stomach secretion of mucus, which causes further
trouble. It may end in a sick headache.

TREATMENT. Prevention. Normal, easily digested food, open bowels. Active
exercise, horseback riding, massage of the liver region. Stooping over and
bending from side to side and bending back with feet close together are
good aids.

Diet. Do not over-eat. Avoid alcohol in any form. Stimulating foods such
as spices, mustard salads, concentrated meat extracts and meat broths,
pepper, horseradish are not to be used. Do not use too much salt; strong
coffee and tea are harmful. In severe cases milk either diluted with water
or lime water or peptonized should alone be used.

Gruels, albumen water, kumiss, buttermilk and oyster broth may be allowed.
Orange juice as well as lemonade may generally be given. Fasting is good
in biliousness. No one will starve in a few days of fasting.

MOTHERS' REMEDIES. 1. Biliousness, Lemons for. "One lemon squeezed in a
glass of water with a very little sugar, repeat for several days." Lemon
is a very good medicine, and it is surprising to know how few people
realize what medical properties the lemon contains. This is a good,
simple, but very effective remedy.

2. Biliousness, Salt and Water for. "Take a teaspoonful of salt to a cup
of water and drink before breakfast for a few mornings." It is a
well-known fact that a little salt in warm water before breakfast is
laxative and also cleanses the system and bowels on account of its
purifying action.

3. Biliousness, (chronic) Dandelion Tea for. "Dandelion root is highly
recommended for this." The root should be collected in July, August or
September. Dose:--A strong tea may be taken freely two or three times a
day, or the fluid extract may be purchased at any drug store.

4. Biliousness, a cheap and very safe plan. "Drink plenty of cold water
and exercise freely in the open air." Following the above advice is often
better than medicines and spring tonics, also unless doing hard physical
labor, cut down on the meat eating. In fact, eat less generally for a

5. Biliousness, Salt Lemonade for. "Hot salt lemonade night and morning.
Juice of one lemon and teaspoonful salt to as much hot water as you can

6. Biliousness, Boneset Tea for. "Pour hot water on boneset and let stand
until it is cold. Take a swallow occasionally." This is very good.

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT. Medicines. 1. Nitro-hydrochloric acid three drops
three times a day in half a tumblerful of water is valuable.

2. Twenty drops of fluid extract of Queen's root three times a day.

3. The following combination forms a good pill to be taken every night:

Extract of Chirata 40 grains
Podophyllin 4 grains
Wahoo 8 grains
Culver's root 8 grains
Creosote 10 grains

Mix and make into twenty pills. Take one every night.

4. For the Attack. Take calomel one-sixth grain tablets; one every
fifteen minutes until six are taken, and then follow with two to four
teaspoonfuls of epsom salts.

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