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BLACK-HEADS. Flesh Worms, Comedones, Pimples, etc

Category: Diseases of The Skin

This is a disorder of
the sebaceous glands in which the sebaceous (fatty, cheesy) secretions
become thickened; the excreting ducts, appearing on the surface, as
yellowish or blackish points. They appear chiefly on the face, neck,
chest, and back and are very unsightly.

Symptoms. They are easily pressed out, and appear then as thread-like,
whitish masses which contain fatty material. The black point may be due to
pigment or to dirt from without. Comedones may exist with acne and
seborrhoea and excessive secretion of sebum.

Causes. Want of tone to the skin, which performs its functions
sluggishly. Stomach-bowel disorders, menstrual disturbances and anemia are
other causes and assist in making them worse. Improper care of the skin
and dusty air may be other assistant causes.

MOTHERS' REMEDIES. For Pimples and Black-heads. l. Pimples on the face,
effective yet harmless remedy for:

Camphor 10 grains
Acacia (pulverized) 20 grains
Sulphur (precipitated) 2 drams
Lime water 2 ounces
Rose water 2 ounces

Apply on the face with a soft cloth at bedtime. Allow to dry and brush off
the excess of the powder.

Anyone suffering from these eruptions is usually willing to try every
known remedy. The above is excellent and very effective and is harmless.

2. Pimples, Alum Water for. "Take a teaspoonful of alum to a quart of
water and use as a wash, say three times a day. This will cure ordinary
pimples on the face."

3. Skin Blotches, Cream of Tartar and Sulphur for. "Two ounces cream
tartar and one ounce of powdered sulphur (from the lump). Mix.
Dose:--Teaspoonful in a little water three times a day will cure."

4. Rough Skin, Healing Cream for. "One-fourth cup tallow melted, one
teaspoonful glycerin, small lump camphor, dissolved. Mix all together by
warming sufficiently." Rub in thoroughly as you do any face cream.

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT for Pimples. Remove the cause if possible. The diet
should be like that given under dyspepsia and constipation. Menstrual
disorders should be remedied.

Local. Remove the plugs (of sebum) and stimulate the skin glands. For
this purpose prolonged (ten minutes at a time) bathing of the face with
hot water and soap; tincture of green soap in the more indolent, sluggish
cases, should precede the pressing out of the blackheads: Lateral pressure
with the fingers or with the comedone extractor, especially contrived for
this purpose, will express the black-heads. After they are out, the skin
dried and cleaned, various stimulating remedies can be applied in
ointments and lotions such as following:

1. "Precipitated Sulphur 1 dram
Ointment of Rose water 1 ounce

Mix and rub on at night."

2. Beta-Naphthol 1/2 dram
Resorcin 1/2 dram
Lanolin 1 ounce

Mix and apply locally.

INFLAMMATION of the Skin. (Dermatitis). This is due to many causes. It
can come from injuries, for instance the rubbing or pressure of
ill-fitting clothes, bandages, bites of insects and from scratching.

Varieties. Dermatitis ambustionis, (burning). This is due to excessive
heat upon the skin.

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT for Inflammation of the Skin. Relieve the pain;
protect the parts; exclude the air. Paint the burned part with a one to
five per cent solution of cocaine, according to the severity of
inflammation. Then apply soothing lotions of equal parts of lime-water and
olive or linseed oil; cover the whole with absorbent cotton. Dusting
powder of soda bicarbonate may also be used, or common soda. In burns with
vesicles, etc., open them and then cover with carbolized oil, gauze and
adhesive to hold the dressing. The parts can be washed with a solution of
boric acid, one teaspoonful to a cup of water; then dust upon the parts
sugar of lead once or twice a day. Some use it in solution; I like the
powder better. Infusion of lobelia, one ounce to pint of hot water, is
good. Also lead and laudanum wash.

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