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Category: Diseases of The Eye and Ear

This means a chronic inflammation of the margin
or edge of the eyelids accompanied by congestion, thickening and
ulceration of the parts and the formation of scales and crusts.

Causes. The underlying cause is often an inflammation of the conjunctiva
where the proper care is not taken in cleansing the roots of the lashes
when the discharge collects.

Other causes are keeping late hours, smoke and dust.

Symptoms. The red swelling along the roots of the lashes is often the
only symptom. This comes and goes at the least excuse, such as eye strain,
late hours, dust and wind. Scales and dust form in the severe forms, of
the disease. It is most common in children, extends over many years and
may finally result in the loss of the lashes, with the edge of the lid,
thickened, reddened and turned out.

Treatment. This is tedious. Fit glasses if there is eye strain, reform
the mode of life and attend to any constitutional disease that may tend to
make it worse.

Local treatment. Keep the parts thoroughly clean. The edges of the lids
should be washed carefully with soap and warm water or mild solution of
borax or soda until the crusts are all cleaned off and then use at night
an ointment composed of the following ingredients:

Yellow oxide of Mercury 2-1/2 grains
Petrolatum 2-1/2 drams

Mix and make an ointment and rub on the edge of the lids every night,
first cleaning them. The conjunctivitis must be cured.


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