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Category: Diseases of The Skin

This is an acute or chronic skin disease in
which there are blisters of various sizes and shapes, and these usually
occur in crops.

Symptoms. The disease may attack any part of the body. The blisters range
from the size of a pea to a large egg. They contain at first a clear
fluid, which soon becomes cloudy and looks more or less like pus. They
last several days and then dry up. They do not rupture of themselves very
often. It is not catching.

Causes. These are obscure and not understood. A low state of the system
is usually found.

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT for Blister Disease. General treatment should be
given. Arsenic is the best remedy and can be given in the form of Fowler's
solution, five drops after meals at the beginning far an adult. This
should be increased until some poisonous symptoms, such as bloating in
the face is produced.

Elixir Quinine, Iron and Strychnine is good as a tonic, one teaspoonful
after meals. Regulate the diet, give nourishing and easily digested food.

Local Treatment. Puncture the blisters. Then put on a mild ointment like
vaselin; bran and starch baths can be given in some cases. The length of
the time of the disease is uncertain.

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