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Category: Diseases of The Skin

This is a lump over a joint usually of the big toe, usually due
to pressure and a wrong position of the surfaces of the joint.

MOTHERS' REMEDIES. 1. Bunions, Remedy from Your Flower Garden. "Peel
the outside skin from the leaf of 'Live Forever' and apply as a poultice.
Repeat until cured. This is a very good remedy and one that should be
tried if you are troubled with bunions or corns."

2. Bunions, A Cure for.

"Tincture of Iodine 2 drams
Tincture of Belladonna 2 drams

Apply twice a day with camel's hair brush."

This mixture when applied will have a drawing effect, and care should be
taken not to leave it on too long, as it will irritate the parts and make
it very sore.

3. Bunions, Iodine for. "Apply tincture of iodine to the bunion night and
morning. This will reduce size; if used at first will entirely remove."

4. Bunions, Tested Remedy for. "Take about one teaspoonful salicylic acid
in two tablespoons of lard, and apply night and morning. Before doing this
apply adhesive plasters to the affected parts." This is a standard remedy.

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT for Bunions. Rest of the part, cold applications
and liniments.

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