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Care of Medicine in the Sick Room

Category: Homeopathy

Use a clean tumbler and when not using
cover the tumbler with a small saucer or piece of cardboard. Set it in a
cool place and where it is free from odors, as liquid medicines exposed
are likely to take up such impurities.


They are prepared in two forms, Dilutions and Triturations (powdered
form). From the triturations tablets are made. When we write "3X dil."
that means 3X dilution; when we write "3X trit." that means 3X
trituration. The 3X means or indicates the strength of the medicine. We
have different dilutions and triturations, as IX, 2X, 3X, 4X, etc.,
according to the strength of the medicine used and we say dil. or trit.,
for dilution or trituration, depending upon the form to be used. Tablets
are handier to use than the triturations or powder. In this book when I
write trituration I shall always expect you to use it in the form of
tablets. Instead of giving directions in every disease how to prepare the
medicine, I will give it here.

When you use the medicine in the dilution (liquid) form, you put ten to
fifteen drops of the dilution (say the 2X or any one) in a glass half full
of water and give one to two teaspoonsful everyone-half to one to two or
three hours, as the case may be, according to the age of the patient, etc.
This is for acute cases.

For chronic casesYou give medicine three or four times a day, one to
two teaspoonfuls at a time. When you use it in trituration (tablet) form,
you give one to two tablets at a dose every one-half to one, two or three
hours, etc. In chronic cases three or four times a day, one or two

For the beginning of a common coldAconite 2X dil. Put ten drops in a
glass half full of water and take two teaspoonsful every one-half hour for
three doses, then every three hours for twelve hours. Tincture of camphor
in drop doses is also good.

If throat feels raw and soreI give three tablets of Mercurius bin. 2X
trit. (tablet form) in alternation with the Aconite for three doses. Then
stop it.



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