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It is a luxury to have one's nails done by a manicure,
and if one can not afford this, always, it is profitable to have it done a
few times and carefully observe the process, because the nails are a very
important part of the care of the hands.

Finger Nail Powder, Old Tried Remedy for--

"Violet Talcum Powder 1/2 ounce
Pulverized Boric Acid 1/2 ounce
Powdered Starch 1/2 ounce
Tincture of Carmine 15 drops

If the nails become hard or brittle, immerse them in warm olive oil every
night or rub vaselin into them."

IMPLEMENTS. The tools required are a pair of manicure scissors, which
have small curved blades; get a good pair of steel scissors, the silver
are not so good; a package of emery boards, an orange-wood stick, a
flexible nail file, a small bottle of peroxide of hydrogen for bleaching,
a bit of pumice stone, a cake of polishing powder, a chamois covered
"buffer" and a box of rosaline or other paste.

THE PROCESS. The nails are to be shortened by filing, as cutting thickens
them. The orange-wood stick is then dipped in peroxide and run under the
nail to bleach, then the pumice stone, powdered, is used in the same way
to cleanse. During this the left hand is soaking in tepid, soapy water. Of
course, if you do your own manicuring you will go on with the right hand,
waiting while the cuticle at the base of the nail softens. This is then
anointed with a little cold cream or vaselin; the cuticle is loosened and
trimmed if necessary,--do not trim if you can avoid it, as cutting
thickens it. When both hands have been thus treated, they are again soaked
a few minutes, then a little of the rosaline paste--a very little--is put
on each nail, the buffer dipped in the polishing powder and the nails
polished. The hands are then washed, rubbed dry, and the fingers gone over
a second time in search of roughness of nail or cuticle; they are then
polished again with a clean buffer, and may be sprayed with perfume from
an atomizer.


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