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CHILBLAINS. (Erythema Pernio)

Category: Diseases of The Skin

This occurs usually in people with a
feeble circulation or scrofulous constitution, usually seen in the young
or very old. The redness shows most, as a rule, on the hands and feet.
The redness may be either a light or dusky shade. It itches and burns
especially when near artificial heat. The redness disappears on pressure,
and the parts are cool rather than hot. It is an inflammation that follows
freezing or a frost-bite. It may return for years at the return of cold

MOTHERS' REMEDIES. 1. Chilblains, a Cure for. "Equal parts of extract of
rosemary and turpentine. Apply night and morning until cured." The
rosemary is very soothing, and the turpentine creates a drawing sensation.
It has cured many cases of chilblains.

2. Chilblains, Witch-hazel for. "Bathe feet in lukewarm water and soda
and apply carbolized witch-hazel." This remedy is very soothing, and
always give relief.

3. Broken Chilblains, Ointment for.

"Sweet Oil 1/2 pint
Venice Turpentine 1-1/2 ounce
Fresh Lard 1/4 pound
Beeswax 1-1/2 ounce

Simmer gently together in a pan water bath until the beeswax is melted,
stirring until cool. When it is ready for use apply on going to bed on a
soft rag."

4. Chilblains, Vinegar Cure. "Soak the feet in a weak solution of
vinegar, then rub good with vaselin or oil."

5. Chilblains, Home-made Salve for.

Fresh Lard 2 ounces
Venice Turpentine 1/2 ounce
Gum Camphor 1/2 ounce

Melt together, stirring briskly. When cold it is ready for use.

6. Chilblains, Common Glue for. "Put a little common (dissolved) glue in
hot water and soak the feet in it. Repeat if necessary." This is very good
and gives relief.

[Illustration: Hearth, Stomach and Appendix]

7. Chilblains, the Onion Cure for. "Raw onion rubbed on chilblains every
night and morning." The onion seems to have a very soothing effect upon
the chilblains, and this remedy has been known to cure many stubborn
cases. It is always well to soak the feet well before applying this
treatment, as the juice from the onion will penetrate more quickly.

8. Chilblains, the Hemlock Remedy for. "Hemlock twigs mixed with lard and
pounded until it is green, then bound on."

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT for Chilblains. Thick woolen stockings, mittens and
ear protections should be worn. Daily cold baths, especially of such
parts, should be taken. Alcohol applied to the parts, full strength, will
harden the tissues. Camphor also is good.

Internal. Iron should be given to establish a better circulation and give
strength. Tincture of iron, five drops three times a day, is good.

External. 1. Alum as a wash applied to the parts.

2. Ointment of ichthyol, one-half strength, is very good in some cases.

3. Rosin made in an ointment is also good to relieve some cases.

4. Lard and iodine ointment is excellent for some.

5. The following is also good:

Prepared Chalk 1 ounce
Powdered Camphor 10 grains
Linseed Oil 2 ounces
Balsam of Peru 20 drops

Mix and apply.


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