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CHOKING. (Foreign bodies in the larynx)

Category: Accidents, Emergencies and Poisons

Produce vomiting. Give an
emetic, warm water, melted lard, vaselin or one teaspoonful of mustard in
one-half glass of warm water and drink. Tickle the throat with your finger
or a feather. For a child, sometimes by taking hold of the feet with the
head down and give a few slight jerks frequently expels the foreign body.
Slap patient's back. The last resort is an operation,--tracheotomy.

MOTHERS' REMEDIES. 1. Choking, Fish Bone to Stop. "A fish bone stuck in
the throat can often be dislodged by swallowing a raw egg or raw oyster."

2. Choking, Simple Remedy to Stop. "Hold both hands high above the head.
If necessary tap gently between the shoulders."

3. Choking, Pennyroyal Tea and Lard Relieves. "Pennyroyal tea and hog's
lard; drink hot." The pennyroyal may be purchased at any drug store for
ten cents. Make a tea of this, then add the hog's lard. As we all know,
that this will produce vomiting and relax the tissues so that any foreign
matter will come out.

4. Choking, Grease and Meat Common Remedy for. "Warm lard, or any kind of
grease, and give the patient. Have seen it used with success." The warm
grease will usually cause vomiting, and in that way remove the foreign

In the Gullet. An emetic is good to give if the body cannot be reached
with the hand. Doctors use forceps or another instrument called a probang.
Pennies will go down into the stomach and pass out through the bowels and
usually cause no trouble. Fish bones can generally be reached with the
finger or crochet hook. This is also good for foreign bodies in the nose,
such as beans.

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