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CHOLERA MORBUS (Acute Inflammation of Stomach and Upper Bowel)

Category: Digestive Organs

This is
most common in young people in late summer, after indiscretion in eating.

Symptoms. Sometimes the patient feels tired, then nausea, etc. The attack
though is usually sudden, with nausea, vomiting, and cramp-like pains in
the abdomen. The contents of the stomach are vomited. The bowel discharge
at first is diarrhea and later like rice water. Repeated vomiting and
purging, with severe cramps. It looks like true cholera.

MOTHERS' REMEDIES, Cholera Morbus. Castor Oil for. "Castor oil one
tablespoonful for an adult, one-half tablespoonful for children." This is
an old, tried remedy and very good.

2. Cholera Morbus, Blackberry Root and Boiled Milk for. "Steep the root
of the long blackberry, give in one-half teaspoonful doses; alternate with
teaspoonfuls of well boiled sweet milk, one-half hour apart."

3. Cholera Morbus, Blackberry Cordial for. "Take a quantity of
blackberries, strain out all of the juice. To each pint of juice add a
pint of sugar. Then put in a little bag or cloth one-half ounce of
cinnamon, one-fourth ounce of mace, two teaspoonfuls of cloves. Place this
little bag with spices in the berry juice and boil for about two minutes,
after which remove bag of spices and add one large cup of brandy or whisky
to each pint of juice."

4. Cholera Morbus, Tincture Cayenne Pepper for. "Tincture cayenne pepper,
five to ten drop doses in a little hot water. Before giving this medicine
it is well to drink a quantity of tepid water and produce vomiting. This
can be made more effective by adding five or ten drops of camphor."

5. Cholera Morbus, Nutmeg and Jamaica Ginger for. "Grate one teaspoonful
nutmeg, put few drops Jamaica ginger in three or four tablespoonfuls of
brandy, add little water." The writer says this is one of the finest
remedies she has ever known for summer complaint.

6. Cholera Morbus, Home Remedy for. "To a pint of water, sweetened with
sugar, add chalk one-half dram, anise, two drams, cayenne pepper, ten
grains; boil this down to one-half pint. Give a teaspoonful every hour or
two until relieved. Kerosene may be applied to the abdomen with cloths.
This is a very good remedy and easily prepared."

7. Cholera Morbus, Old Reliable Remedy for.

Tincture Rhubarh 4 ounces
Spirits Camphor 2 ounces
Paregoric (Tinct. opii camph.) 3 ounces
Spirits Ammonia 4 ounce
Essence Peppermint 1 dram

Take a half teaspoonful every two hours. This is a tested recipe; have
known of its being used the last fifty years."

The camphor and paregoric will relieve the pain, while the rhubarb and
pepper are stimulating and laxative.

8. Cholera Morbus, Common Remedy for. "To check vomiting and purging, the
following mixture is excellent:

Essence of Peppermint 1 ounce
Water 1 ounce
Carbonate of Potash 20 grains
Paregoric 1 teaspoonful
White Sugar or Honey 2 teaspoonfuls

Mix and shake well. Dose. One teaspoonful every ten or twenty minutes
until the patient becomes quiet. If necessary keep up bodily heat by means
of hot flannels or bricks to extremities. Keep the patient quiet."

This is an excellent remedy for this trouble and may be used by anyone.
The above mixture is for an adult.

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT for Cholera Morbus. l. Heat to the bowels and to
the extremities. Give plenty of hot water to aid vomiting and to wash the
stomach. It is always well to keep on drinking hot water and frequently
the vomiting stops. If not, the camphor, laudanum and water can be given.

2. Morphine by hypodermic method. A doctor must give this.

3. Tincture of Camphor 15 drops
Laudanum 15 drops

Mix in one-third of a cup of hot water. This is a good remedy. Mustard
poultice to the stomach and bowels benefits.



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