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CHRONIC DYSPEPSIA (Chronic Indigestion)

Category: Digestive Organs

A chronic digestive disorder characterized by increased
secretion of mucus, changes in the gastric juice, weakening of the stomach
muscles and diseased changes in the mucous membrane.

Causes. The use of unsuitable and improperly prepared food, too much fat,
starchy foods, New England pie, and hot meals, biscuits, cakes, etc.,
greasy gravies, too strong tea or coffee, and too much alcohol. Eating too
much food, eating too fast, and eating between meals. Drinking of ice and
cold water during or after meals. Chewing, especially, and smoking

Symptoms. Almost every bad feeling can be put under this head, both
physical and mental. It has been coming on gradually for some time and the
warnings have not been heeded; The appetite is variable, sometimes good
and often poor. Among the early symptoms are feelings of distress or
oppression after eating, and they may amount to actual pain; great or
small. Sometimes feels sick at the stomach, belching of gas and bitter
liquids and vomiting of food immediately after eating or some hours later.
Stomach tender and painful to the touch. Stomach and abdomen are
distended, especially after meals, with costive bowels or diarrhea. Feels
weary, blue, tired, discouraged, poor sleep, bad dreams, bitter taste in
the mouth, tongue coated especially on the back part, craves different
things, much wind on the stomach, acid stomach, heavy feeling in the
stomach, sometimes as if a stone lay there. Stomach feels weak, it is
hard to sit up. Frequently must lie down after meals. Urine may have sand
in it, Stomach feels full after eating only a little, must open up the
clothes across the stomach. Persons are cross, irritable, discouraged,
gloomy, nervous, generally look thin, haggard and sallow. The dreams are
of horrid things, nightmare.

MOTHERS' REMEDIES, Stomach Trouble, Spice Poultice for,--1. "Take all
kinds of ground spices and make a poultice. Heat whisky and wet the
poultice with it, then apply to the stomach and bowels." This will always
give relief. Wetting the poultice with whisky will be found very
beneficial as it will retain the heat longer.

2. Stomach Trouble, Oil of Hemlock for,--"The Oil of Hemlock is a superior
remedy in gastric irritation of the stomach. Dose:--One to two drops in
sweetened water every ten or twenty minutes until relief is afforded, for
an adult."

3. Cramps in Stomach, Ginger and Soda for. "One teaspoonful of ginger
stirred in half glass of hot water in which a half teaspoonful of baking
soda has been dissolved." The ginger is very beneficial, as it warms up
the stomach and thereby relieves the cramps, and the baking soda relieves
any gas in the stomach that may be causing the trouble.

4. Cramps in Stomach, Oil of Peppermint for. "Put a few drops of
peppermint in a glass of warm water. Take a teaspoonful every few minutes
until relieved." This is an old time-tried remedy our grandmothers used to
use and can be relied upon.

5. Cramps in Stomach, Mustard Poultice and Eggs for. "Make a mustard
poultice with whites of eggs instead of water, and apply same to bowels.
Give a teaspoonful of blackberry tea every fifteen or twenty minutes until
relieved." The poultice acts as a counter irritant and will almost always
relieve the cramps without further medicines.

6. Pains in Stomach, Hot Plate for. "Hot plate laid on stomach. Use the
heavy English made plates, common to us in Canada, as they will hold heat

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT for Chronic Gastritis. Most cases can be cured if
the patient is willing to do the proper thing in eating and drinking and
regulating the habits. It takes time to cure such cases, and plenty of
grit and courage and "stick" on the patient's part. Remember it has been a
long time coming, longer than it will be going if the patient does right.
Diet and habits must be corrected. You cannot help the trouble if you put
into the stomach what has caused it. We eat too much fat and too much
improper and improperly cooked foods, our bread, etc., is half baked.
Gravies are rich and greasy, everything is highly seasoned, very much like
the life we lead.

Diet. A regular time for eating and no eating between meals. Do not eat
too much or too fast, or anything that you know disagrees with you. Fried
foods are generally harmful, pies, cakes, hot breads, strong tea and
coffee and alcohol, gravy and highly spiced foods; vinegar pickles,
preserves, etc., are generally bad. If there is acid belching gas on
stomach, the starch foods should be restricted, particularly potatoes and
the coarser vegetables. Potatoes fried in lard or butter are always bad
unless you are a hard physical worker. Dr. Osler, England, says breads,
pancakes, pies, and tarts, with heavy pastry and fried articles of all
sorts, should be strictly prohibited. As a rule, white bread toasted is
more readily digested than bread made from the whole meal. Sometimes
graham bread is better. Sugar and very sweet articles of food should be
used in great moderation or avoided altogether. Ice cream frequently
aggravates it. Soda water is a great dyspepsia producer. Fats, except a
little good butter, very fat meats, and thick greasy soups and gravies
should be avoided.

Ripe fruits are good in some cases. Bananas generally are not digested.
Berries are frequently harmful. Milk is splendid diet for some people.

Cautions. The bowels must be kept "moving" every day, try to do it by
dieting, rubbing the abdomen and exercise. Bathing the abdomen in cool
water is good. Go to the closet at a regular time every day and try to
have a passage, as this helps. Never put off going to stool when nature
calls. Dyspepsia is frequently made worse by constipation. Seek good
cheerful company. Do not worry over your condition. By care and diet you
will soon be all right.

Home Treatment. 1. Drink a glass of cold water an hour before breakfast,
or hot water if it agrees better with you.

2. Do not eat much meat.

3. If the stomach wants tone, bitter tonics, like quassia, gentian,
cardanum are good, even if drank as teas. When the tongue is coated with a
white thick fur, golden seal is good. Medicines are not as essential as
care and diet.

4. Charcoal in small doses is good for' a "gassy" stomach.

5. If a bitter tonic is needed the following is good:

Bicarbonate of Soda 1 dram
Tincture of Nux Vomica l to 2 drams
Compound tincture of Gentian, enough for 3 ounces

Mix and take one teaspoonful to a dessert spoonful before meals.



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