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Category: Obstetrics or Midwifery

This should be worn loose. The heavier garments should not be
held by the waist but suspended from the shoulders. Flannels, if possible,
should be worn next the skin excepting, possibly, during the warmest
weather. Every precaution should be taken not to take cold or to chill the
surface of the body, as this might bring on an acute trouble of the
kidneys. As soon as the womb has risen out of the pelvis during the fourth
month, the corset should be absolutely abandoned, since pressure upon the
enlarging womb tends to cause acute Bright's disease and uraemia, and
these troubles are always to be guarded against. During the later months
of pregnancy, when the abdominal enlargement is great, a linen or elastic
bandage may be worn with great comfort, but it must be so put on as to
support and not press upon the womb.

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