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COLDS. (Coryza. Acute Nasal Catarrh. Acute Rhinitis)

Category: Respiratory Diseases

This is an
inflammation of the mucous membrane lining the nose.

Causes: Exposure to cold or wet when the body is overheated; sudden or
extreme changes in the atmosphere; inhaling irritating fumes or dust.

Symptoms: A chilly feeling, limbs ache, tendency to sneeze, severe
headache above the nose, eyes are dry, stopped-up feeling in the nostrils.
Then there is a thin watery discharge, usually of an irritating character,
very thin at first, but it soon becomes thicker; sometimes the ears ring
(tinnitus). The nose and lining is red and swollen.

1. Colds. Borax for Cold Settled in Throat. "For a
cold in the throat, dissolve a piece of borax, the size of a pea, in the
mouth and don't talk. It will work like a charm." This is an old and well
tried remedy and is very good for colds or sore throat. It acts by
contracting the tissues and in that way there is less congestion in the

2. Colds, Valuable Caution and Treatment for. Mrs. Maxwell, of Cleveland,
writes in the Cleveland Press as follows: "If you intend to treat the cold
yourself, take it up at the outset. Don't wait for it to develop. To break
it up, nothing is better than the full hot bath at bed time, or the foot
bath with mustard, followed by a hot drink. It is old-fashioned, but
scientific, for nine colds out of ten are due to clogged pores. Benjamin
Franklin said a hundred years ago that all colds come from impure air,
lack of exercise, and over-eating, and nobody has ever bettered his
conclusion. Even contagious colds will not be taken if the bodily
resistance is kept at par. More fresh air, less grip. Avoid people who
have colds, and keep out of badly ventilated rooms. Stuffy street cars are
responsible for half the hard colds, not because people get chilled, but
because the air is foul. And when you have a cold keep away from the baby.
If the baby takes a cold, let it have medical attention at once. Don't
experiment upon it with remedies intended for grown-ups."

3. Colds, Molasses-Vinegar Syrup for, "One-half cup of molasses, butter
the size of a hickory nut, one tablespoon vinegar, boil together. Dose:
One teaspoonful or less as the case requires. Take often until relieved."
This is an old remedy and a good one.

4. Colds, Quinine and Ginger for. "Give plenty of quinine and drink hot
water with ginger in it." Quinine, as we all know, is an old remedy for
colds and therefore we all know how it acts. The ginger warms up the
system and produces sweating. Care should be taken when using this remedy
not to take cold, as the pores are all opened by the quinine.

5. Colds, Boneset for. "Boneset tea steeped and drank cold cures a
cold." Boneset simply acts by causing a better circulation in the system
and in that way sweating is produced and we all know that a good sweat
will usually cure a cold if taken in time.

6. Severe Cold or Threatened Consumption. "One pint of molasses; one pint
of vinegar; three tablespoonfuls of white pine tar; let this boil not
quite half down; remove from the stove and let stand until next day; then
take and skim tar off from the top, throwing tar away. Jar up and take as
often as necessary. Spoonful every half to two hours."

7. Colds, Rock Candy Syrup for. "Ten cents worth of rock candy; one pint
of whisky; one pint of water; fifteen cents worth of glycerine; mix all
together; this will syrup itself." Take one teaspoonful as often as
necessary. This is excellent.

8. Colds, Skunk's Oil for. "Skunk's oil has cured colds quickly by
rubbing on chest and throat." The oil penetrates quickly and relieves the
congestion. This remedy can always be relied upon.

9. Colds, Lemons and Mustard for. "A hot lemonade taken on going to bed
and put the feet in a hot mustard bath; taken in time will break up a
cold." The idea of the foot bath is to equalize the circulation, as so
many of our colds begin in the head and by drawing the blood from the head
the congested parts of the head are relieved.

10. Colds and Cough, Hops or Catnip Poultice for. "Hops or catnip put in
little bags and steamed until hot, then placed on lungs and throat." This
is a very good remedy, as the hot bags act as a poultice and draw the
congestion from the diseased parts. It produces not only local, but
general perspiration.

11. Colds, Honey for. "Eat honey. I have tried this many times and it is
very good." The honey is very soothing, but if a little hoarhound or lemon
is added it would make it much more effective. This is a good remedy for
children, as they most all like honey.

12. Colds, to Break Up at the Outset. "To break up a cold soak the feet
in hot water and drink all the cold water you can." This has been known to
cure many severe colds if taken at the beginning.

13. Cold in the Chest, Mutton Tallow and Red Pepper for. "If cold is in
the chest, render enough mutton tallow for one cupful and add one
teaspoonful of red pepper and rub on chest and apply a flannel to keep out
the cold. This is an old-time remedy and a good one."

14. Colds, Lard and Turpentine for. "Melt a half cupful of lard and add
one and one-half teaspoonfuls of turpentine, rub on chest and apply
flannel cloth."

15. Cold, Milk and Cayenne as a Preventive. "Drink a glass of milk with a
pinch of cayenne in it. This will warm the stomach and prevent headache."



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