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Category: Beauty

Corns are of three kinds: callous spots, soft corns, and corns.
Callous spots may be rubbed or pared down and rubbed with cocoa butter.
Soft corns come between the toes and are very painful. Soak absorbent
cotton in a little turpentine and put between the toes; or sprinkle the
cotton with powdered alum. These corns are supposed to be due to moisture
between the toes and are sometimes cured and often prevented by keeping
absorbent cotton between the toes. Prevention saves a lot of suffering.
"Just corns" are calloused spots with hard center; pressure on this causes
pain. Soaking in hot water, and shaving off as much of the hardened skin
as can be removed with safety, affords relief. The little hard core should
be taken out.

Precautions. Be sure that your knife, razor, or whatever implement is
used is perfectly clean (sterilized) and avoid drawing blood. If this
happens, use some antiseptic. Cases of blood-poisoning that have resulted
fatally have been caused by such wounds. If you wear colored hose, have
them washed before wearing, as the dye may be injurious.


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