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Defective Worm-like Bowel Movement

Category: Digestive Organs

Irregular habits of living head the
list causing this defective action. Everyone should promptly attend to
Nature's call. Some people wait until the desire for stool has all gone,
and in that way the "habit" of the bowels is gradually lost. Everyone
should go to stool at a certain regular time each day, and at any other
time when Nature calls. If a person heeds this call of Nature, the call
will come regularly at the proper time, say every morning after breakfast.
If these sensations (Nature's calls) are ignored day after day, the mucous
membrane soon loses its sensitiveness and the muscular coat its tonicity,
and as a result, large quantities of fecal matter may accumulate in the
sigmoid (part of the bowel) or in the rectum without exciting the least
desire to empty the bowels. Again, irregular time for eating and improper
diet are liable to diminish this action also. Foods that contain very
little liquid and those that do not leave much residue are liable to
accumulate in the bowel and at the same time press upon the rectum hard
enough to produce a partial paralysis.

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