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Category: Obstetrics or Midwifery

This should consist at first of liquid, unstimulating food, given
in small quantities and frequently. If the baby does not nurse, the
liquids should be restricted. Some women on the first day can take milk,
milk toast, or if desired, dry or buttered toast with coffee, tea, weak
cocoa, according to the patient's taste. Water may be given if desired. On
the second and third days, simple soups or any of the following may be
added to the dietary: Meat broths, beef tea, soft boiled or poached eggs,
raw or stewed oysters (no vinegar or spices) and some simple dessert, such
as boiled custard or junket. During the next few days, chicken (white
meat), scraped beef or mutton in small quantities, baked potato, rice and
cereals may be given and by the end of the week a gradual return to the
ordinary diet may be made. Should there be any tendency to constipation,
the bowels should be opened by a simple enema (as before stated) or
glycerin enema, etc.; or by one or more doses, 2 drams, of the compound
licorice powder repeated in three or four hours, if necessary; or a half
ounce of castor oil, or a half glass of hunyadi water. Cooked fruits for
the constipation may also be given.

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