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Category: Digestive Organs

From the Head Nurse of a Large Hospital.

May Take--

Soups. Milk soup well boiled, clam juice, beef tea.

Meats. Scraped fresh beef or mutton well broiled, sweetbread, beef juice
from freshly broiled steak (all sparingly).

Eggs. Lightly boiled or poached on dry toast.

Farinaceous. Rice, sago, macaroni, tapioca, arrowroot, dry toast, milk
toast, toasted crackers.

Desserts. Milk puddings, plain, with sago, rice, tapioca or arrowroot (no

Drinks. Tea, toast water, boiled peptonized milk, Panopepton.

Must Not Take--

Oatmeal, wheaten grits, fresh breads, rich soups, vegetables, fried foods,
fish, salt meats, lamb, veal, pork, brown or graham bread, fruits, nuts,
pies, pastry, ice cream, ice water, sugars, sweets, custards, malt
liquors, sweet wines.

Infants. Bottle-fed infants should stop milk and use egg albumen, etc.
This is prepared by gently stirring (not to a froth) the white of one egg
in a cup of cold water and one-fourth teaspoonful of brandy and a little
salt mixed with it. Feed this cold.

If it causes foul or green stools it must be stopped. Dr. Koplik, of New
York, recommends stopping the feeding of breast and bottle-fed infants in
severe diarrhea or cholera infantum and to use the following:--Albumin
water, acorn cocoa, or beef juice expressed and diluted with barley water.
The white of one egg is equal in nourishing value to three ounces of milk
and is well borne by infants. The albumin water can be used alternately
with the solution of acorn cocoa or beef juice or barley water. Liebig's
soup mixture is better liked by older children. Meat juice is made from
lean beef, slightly broiled, then cutting it in squares and squeezing
these in a lemon press. Rice or barley water can be added to this if the
meat juice causes vomiting. Add only one or two teaspoonfuls of barley or
rice water and increase, if it agrees well, in a day or two.

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