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Diet in Laryngitis

Category: Respiratory Diseases

Hard and dry toasts should be avoided, for they give
pain on being swallowed, same reason applies to highly seasoned foods.
Milk, custards, eggs, scraped beef may be taken. Difficulty in swallowing
may be overcome by allowing the patient to lie flat on the bed, etc., with
his face over the edge. Food can be sucked through the tube from a vessel
placed below; or the patient can lean forward while eating.

"CHILD CROWING" (Spasm of the Glottis.)--This is usually peculiar to

Cause. It is purely a nervous affection and it occurs between six months
and three years, and is most commonly seen in children with rickets.

Symptoms. It may come in the night or day; or when the child awakes. The
breathing is arrested, the child struggles for breath, the face is
flushed, and then with a sudden relaxation of the spasm, the air is drawn
into the lungs with a high pitched crowing sound. Convulsions may occur.
Death rarely occurs. There may be many attacks during the day.

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