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Category: Diseases of The Blood And Ductless Galnds

1. Rupture of the spleenThis may occur
spontaneously from no apparent cause, or from hurts received in cases of
typhoid or malaria.

Symptoms. Severe pain, and signs of intestinal hemorrhages.

2. Acute inflammation of the spleen (splenitis). This occurs in acute
infections after injuries.

Symptoms. They are pain, tenderness, and enlargement of the spleen.

Treatment. Treat the cause and relieve the pain. As this is a serious and
painful affection a physician should be called. The pain is often relieved
by a mustard poultice or hot fomentations. The patient should remain in
bed for acute inflammation of the spleen no matter what the cause.

3. Chronic Splenitis. Causes. It comes from malaria, syphilis or
leukaemia, etc.

Symptoms. There is the feeling of weight and symptoms of pressure on the
lungs or bowel.

Treatment. Remove the cause. If it comes from malaria, attend to that,

MOTHERS' REMEDIES. 1. Blood Purifier, Molasses and Sulphur as a. "Take a
pint of molasses to five cents' worth of sulphur, and mix well." A
teaspoonful four times a day in the spring will do wonders towards
purifying the blood.

2. Blood Purifier, Sassafras Tea, Known all over as. "Sassafras tea made
from the root and boiled to extract the strength." Drink freely of this
for a few days in the spring. It thins the blood, and is a good tonic.

3. Blood Purifier, Herb Tea Used as.

Burdock Root 2 ounces
Yellow Dock 2 ounces
Slippery Elm Bark 1 ounce
Mezeron Root 1 ounce
Licorice Juice 1 ounce

Simmer gently in three pints of water down to one quart; when cold, strain
and add one-fourth ounce of iodine potassium." A wineglassful may be
taken three times a day. This preparation is a fine blood purifier and can
be relied upon.


4. Blood Purifier, Sweet Fern for. "Make a tea of this and drink freely.
This is very good to take in the spring of the year, as it thoroughly
cleanses the system."

5. Blood Purifier, Doctor Recommends Senna and Salts for:--"Five cents'
worth of senna leaves, one tablespoonful of epsom salts in one quart of
cold water; cover and let stand over night, then strain and put in
bottles. Take a wine-glass full every morning until you feel well." This
is from Mrs. Jonathan Shaw, she has used it with good results in her
family. A physician in England told her if people would use this the year
round they would seldom need a doctor.

6. Blood Purifier, Remedy Easy to Make for. "We always use one
teaspoonful of cream of tartar, two spoonfuls of sulphur, and mix with
syrup. Any size spoon will do. Take a teaspoonful at a dose." This is an
excellent remedy, and should be taken before retiring; about three times a
week would be sufficient.

7. Blood Purifier, Beech Bark and Blackberry Root a Good. "One gallon
white beech bark (after the rough bark is removed), good big handful of
blackberry root (cut fine), and also of sassafras root. Cover with cold
water and steep to get the strength, then strain. When cool (not cold) add
one pint baker's yeast and one cup sugar. Let it stand twenty-four hours
in a warm place. Then strain and set in a cool place. Take a wineglassful
three times a day before meals. This has been highly recommended to me by
a friend from Kalkaska, Michigan."

8. Blood Purifier, from a Madison, Connecticut, Mother. "Take blackberry
root, black cherry bark, spruce boughs, wintergreens: sarsaparilla roots;
steep in a large vessel, till all the goodness is out; strain and when
lukewarm put in a cup of yeast, let work and bottle up."

9. Blood Purifier, How to make, Celery Compound for a.

"Celery Compound 2 ounces
Chamomile Flower 1 ounce
Sassafras Root 1 ounce
Senna Leaves 1 ounce
Mandrake 1 ounce
Wintergreen Essence 1 ounce
Whisky 1 gill
White Sugar 1 pound
Hops 2 handfuls

Steep three hours in four quarts of water, strain, add sugar, when cold
add wintergreen and whisky. Dose:--One teaspoonful before meals and at

10. Blood Purifier, Another Effective Herb Remedy. "Pour boiling hot
water on four ounces of gentian root with two ounces of dried orange peel,
a sufficient amount of water should be used to exhaust the strength in the
root and orange peel; then boil in a porcelain pot until there is left
one-half pint of the concentrated infusion to every ounce of gentian root
used. Then to every one-half pint add one half ounce alcohol. The effect
of the alcohol is to coagulate it from a quantity of jelly looking
substance which must be separated by straining. This is one of the best
strengtheners of the human system. Dose:--One teaspoonful in an ounce of


11. Blood Purifier, Burdock for. "The root is the part employed
eliminating very rapidly the specific poison from the blood. Best
administered in decoction by boiling two ounces of the root in three pints
of water, to two pints. Dose:--One tablespoonful four times a day."
Burdock is a splendid blood purifier and is not expensive. It can be
purchased at any drug store for a reasonable amount.


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