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Category: Kidney and Bladder

Dropsy should be regarded as a symptom, which may arise from many
causes, such as heart disease, lung disease or kidney disease, or it may
depend upon obstruction to the normal flow of blood and lymph through the
vessels and tissues.

From Heart Disease. In heart disease dropsy is due to a weak heart. The
heart is unable to supply the arteries with enough blood to maintain the
normal pressure, or to damming up of blood in the venous system as the
result of imperfect emptying of the heart cavities. In kidney trouble the
dropsy depends more on the lack of proper nourishing processes in the
capillary walls and upon changes in the blood and blood pressure. If the
kidneys are diseased, they may not be able to eliminate the proper amount
of liquids which accumulate and finally escape into the tissues. Liver
troubles cause dropsy by producing pressure upon the large blood-vessels
going to the liver, and consequently the fluid is generally confined to
the lower limbs and abdomen.

MOTHERS' REMEDIES. Dropsy, 1. Juniper Berries Fresh or Dry for. "The
berries of the juniper tree are regarded as excellent home remedies in
dropsy. They may be eaten fresh or dry, or make a decoction and drink. Two
teaspoonfuls of the berries two or three times a day is considered a dose.
It is well to bruise them thoroughly by breaking the seeds with a hammer
before taking." The decoction is more effective. This helps the dropsy by
acting on the kidneys.

2. Dropsy, Wild Milkweed for. "Steep the root of the wild milkweek and
drink the tea in doses of a wineglass three times a day. This is a sure
cure if taken in early stages."

3. Dropsy, White Bay Buds for. "White bay buds steeped in water." The
white bay buds can be secured at any drug store, and are easily prepared.
Make a tea of these the same as you would make green tea for the table,
only stronger. Take several times a day. This is an excellent remedy.

4. Dropsy, Canada Thistle for. "Steep dwarf elder root, or Canada thistle
root, and drink the tea." This is an old tried remedy that our
grandmothers used to use, and can be depended upon. We all know that in
olden times mothers had to use these herb remedies, as doctors could not
be secured as easily as they can in these days.

5. Dropsy, Very Effective Remedy for. "Make a decoction of fresh
dandelion root slices, one ounce to one pint of water boiled down to
one-half pint, strain, adding two drams of cream of tartar. Dose: A wine
glassful two or three times a day."

6. Dropsy, Common Herb Remedy for. "One gallon white beech bark, after
the rough bark is removed, good big handful of blackberry root, cut fine,
and also of sassafras root. Cover with cold water and steep to get the
strength; then strain. When cool, not cold, add one pint bakers' yeast and
one cup of sugar. Let it stand twenty-four hours in a warm place. Then
strain and set in a cool place. Take a wineglassful three times a day
before meals. This has been highly recommended to me by a friend in
Kalkaska, Michigan."

7. Dropsy, "Queen of the Meadow" for. "Is a symptom of morbid conditions
existing in the system, therefore nutritious diet, alkaline baths and a
general hygienic regulation of the daily habits are of the greatest
importance. Take one teaspoonful of powder of "Queen of the Meadow" in a
cupful of water three or four times a day as the case may require. Either
use tea or powder."


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