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Eczema Squamosis. (Scaling)

Category: Diseases of The Skin

This may follow any of the other varieties,
but usually follows the red and pimple (papule) variety. They are various
sized and shaped reddish patches, which are dry and more or less scaly.
Thickening is always present, also a tendency to cracking of the skin,
especially if it affects the joints. There are other varieties but these
are the most important.

RECOVERY. Eczema has a tendency to persist and rarely disappears

Causes. Gout, diabetes, rheumatism, Bright's disease, dyspepsia,
constipation, nervous trouble, heat, cold, strong soaps, acids, alkalies,
rubbing, scratching, etc.

MOTHERS' REMEDIES. 1. Eczema, Lemon or Vinegar for. "Rub the spots with
sliced lemon. This will sometimes relieve the itching. Bathing with
vinegar water is better for some as it destroys the germs." The bowels
should be kept open, and then constitutional faults removed as the
eruption of the skin is but a local manifestation of a functional fault.

2. Eczema, Olive Oil and Powder for. "Bathe with olive oil and sift over
the skin a powder composed of equal parts of fine laundry starch and oxide
of zinc powder." Do not bathe with water until healed.

3. Eczema, Herb Tea for. "A good wash for eczema is made of an ounce of
bruised blood-root and yellow dock, steeped well in a pint of alcohol, and
half pint of vinegar." Apply gently to the affected parts.

4. Eczema, Potato and Camphor for. "Make a poultice of a cold potato with
a small quantity of camphor. This is very good and relieves the trouble
very soon."

5. Eczema, Sulphur and Lard for. "An excellent eczema cure is made by
applying a paste made of sulphur and lard to the affected parts." This is
very easily prepared, and has been known to cure many cases.

6. Skin Diseases, Burdock Tea a Standard Remedy for. "Take a handful of
the freshly bruised burdock root to two quarts of water and boil down
one-half; drink from a half to one pint a day." This is considered one of
the best home remedies for skin diseases that is known and is perfectly

7. Skin Disease, Blood Purifier for.

"Iodide Potash 192 grains
Fluid Extract Stillingia 1 ounce
Fluid Extract Prickly Ash Bark 1/2 ounce
Fluid Extract Yellow Dock 1 ounce
Compound Syrup Sarsaparilla to make 8 ounces


8. Tetter, Reliable Remedy for. "Turpentine 1 ounce, red precipitate 3
drams, vaselin 4 ounces. Mix, rub on the affected parts several times a
day." This is a splendid ointment for a severe case of tetter.

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT for Eczema. Water is likely to make acute cases
worse. In order to cleanse the parts use water softened by starch or bran.
Use oily preparations to soften the crusts and then they can be removed
with water and good soap.

In Chronic Sluggish Cases. Water and strong soaps may be used. Cloths
wrung from hot water and applied, will frequently relieve the itching. Use
lotions in moist and salves in dry eczema. For the acute kind the remedy
should be soothing, and more or less stimulating for the chronic forms.

Local Treatment for the acute and sub-acute (between acute and chronic)

In acute cases, with much pouring out of liquid (serum), lotions have a
cooling effect. They should be frequently renewed.

1. Black Wash.

Calomel 1 dram
Mucilage Tragacanth 1 dram
Lime water 10 ounces

Mix. Can be used full strength or diluted. Bathe the affected parts
several times daily for fifteen or twenty minutes with this lotion and
apply oxide of zinc ointment afterwards.

2. Lead and Laudanum wash. When the parts discharge moisture with burning
feeling, and are very sensitive the following is good:

Laudanum 1/2 ounce
Solution of Sugar of lea 7-1/2 ounces

Mix and apply externally with gauze saturated with it.

3. A solution of boric acid is also a good remedy.

4. Apply the following soothing application frequently, allowing the
sediment to remain on the skin:

Powdered Calamine 1 dram
Oxide of Zinc 1 dram
Glycerin 1 dram
Lime water 6 ounces

5. Dusting powders. Corn, potato or rice starch powders. Mennen's baby
powder is also good. Borated kind is the best for this.

6. Oxide of Zinc ointment alone, applied night and morning, is valuable in
many cases.

The Black wash should be used twice a day just before the oxide of zinc
ointment is applied. In other cases powdered oxide of zinc is dusted over
the part if the discharge is watery or profuse.

7. McCall Anderson's Ointment.

Oxide of Bismuth 1 ounce
Pure Oleic Acid 8 ounces
White Wax 3 ounces
Vaselin 9 ounces
Oil of Rose 5 drops

Make an ointment and apply. The proportions of each ingredient call be
reduced one-half, for smaller amount.

8. Pastes are often borne better than ointment. The following is a good
one. Lassar's paste:

Starch 2 drams
Oxide of Zinc 2 drams
Vaselin 4 drams

Mix and make a paste, apply to the part and cover with soft gauze.

9. For the Itching.

Powdered Oxide of Zinc 1/2 ounce
Powdered Camphor 1-1/2 dram
Powdered Starch 1 ounce

Mix and dust on as needed.

When the disease is not so acute (sub-acute) applications of a mildly
stimulating character are needed. For this purpose, resorcinal in the
proportion of two to thirty grains to the ounce of lard, according to the
severity and amount of hardness existing. Apply to the part. Stimulant and

External Treatment of Chronic Eczema. Applications for chronic and
lasting sluggish eczema.

1. Tincture of green soap used with hot water until the skin is bared and
then dress with oxide of zinc ointment.

2. Tar in the form of the pure Official tar ointment.

3. Salicylic acid thirty to sixty grains to an ounce of lard and applied
for stimulating purposes.

4. Dr. Schalek uses the same remedies in part and the following for a
fixed dressing, especially on the eyes. They do not need to be changed

Glycogelatin Dressing.

Gelatin 10 drops
Oxide of Zinc 10 drops
Glycerin 40 drops
Water 40 drops

Mix and apply to the part.

The above may be made in any quantities,--using drops, spoonfuls, etc.
Dress the parts in a thin gauze bandage, over which the melted preparation
is painted. I have given many different prescriptions, but those who treat
skin diseases know that a great many are needed, for they act differently
upon different persons.

Special Varieties of Eczema and what to do for them.

Eczema of Children. This is generally acute of the vesicular (watery) or
vesicular pustular (pus forming) variety. The parts commonly affected are
the scalp and the face.

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT for Eczema. Remove the causes, watch the feeding.
Keep the folds of the skin dry and free from friction. To prevent
scratching, masks must be applied to the scalp and face, or the hands must
be tied in bad cases. The local treatment is the same as above except the
strength of the drugs used must be reduced in proper proportion.

Eczema of the Scalp, Milk Crust. Remove the crusts by soaking the scalp
with some bland oil for twelve hours, followed by a shampoo, (the hair
should be cut in children) then the lotions and thin ointment (see above)
should be applied.

Eczema of the Face. A mask of soft linen with holes cut out for the eyes,
mouth and nostrils may be used.

Eczema of the Scrotum. A well fitting suspensory should be worn, sponge
the parts with very hot water and follow with the anti-itching lotion and
dusting powders for the itching.

Eczema of the Hands in Adults. Keep the hands out of water as much as
possible. Dry them thoroughly and then anoint. Greatly thickened patches
may be softened by soap plasters or bathe the parts in ten or twenty per
cent solutions of caustic potash and followed by a salve application. The
internal treatment must be given for the cause.

Diet in Eczema. Avoid salty foods, such as salted fish or pork and corned
beef; greasy foods such as bacon and fried dishes; pastry and cheese.

MOTHERS' REMEDIES for Salt Rheum. 1. Alum Wash and Cathartic for. "Use
an astringent wash as alum, tablespoonful in pint of water, and keep
bowels opened by cooling medicines, as cream tartar, rochelle salts,
etc." The alum solution will be found very cooling and by keeping the
bowels open you will carry off all the impurities thus cleansing the
blood, which is one of the essential things to do in salt rheum.

2. Salt Rheum, Ammonia and Camphor for. "Apply ammonia and camphor to the
cracks. Have used this successfully when everything else failed." Care
should be taken not to have the ammonia too strong, as it may irritate the
skin more. If used properly, it is a good remedy.

3. Salt Rheum, Cactus Leaf Cure for. "From one large cactus leaf take out
the thorns, add one tablespoon of salt, three tablespoons lard, stew out
slowly, and grease with this at night. Remarks:--This cured my hand that
had been in an awful condition for years."

4. Salt Rheum, Pine Tar for. "Apply pine tar as a paste." This is an
excellent remedy but care should be taken in using it, as pine tar is very
irritating to some people, and should be used very cautiously.

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