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Category: Circulatory System

Inflammation of the lining of the heart chiefly confined to
the valves; it may be acute or chronic.

Simple Kind, Cause. Occurs at all ages, but most often in children and
young adults. It most frequently comes with acute rheumatism, chorea,
tonsilitis, scarlet fever, and pneumonia. The valves in the left heart are
most often affected, the mitral simply swollen or bearing small growths.

Symptoms. If it is caused by acute rheumatism, there may be higher
temperature, without increase of joint symptoms. Heart beats faster and is
irregular. It may run into chronic valvular disease.

Treatment of Endocarditis. Preventive. Much can be done to prevent this
disease by closely watching the patient having the disease that causes it.
The heart should be closely watched. Acute inflammatory rheumatism is a
frequent cause and the heart must be watched continually in this disease.
When the patient has this disease he must be quiet and in bed. This is
essential. A doctor must be called, for the disease is serious and

Diet. Should be liquid. Milk or preparations made with it is the usual
diet. Care must be taken that the stomach and bowels be not disordered.
Gas collecting in the stomach causes much distress to one who has
endocarditis or valvular disease.

Caution. Avoid early exertion after getting well.



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