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Place the patient on her back, with the head low and feet
raised unless the face is flushed. The face is generally pale.

Loosen the clothing about the waist, throat, etc.

Plenty of air and no crowding around the patient.


Cold water on the face with cloths. It is not necessary to wet her all
over. Ammonia or camphor near the nostrils to inhale. Lie still for some
time and do not attempt to rise while still feeling dizzy or faint.

MOTHERS' REMEDIES. 1. Sea Sickness, Red Pepper and Molasses Relieves.
"A teaspoonful of red pepper mixed with molasses and taken in one dose is
considered one of the best remedies for this trouble."

2. Sea Sickness, Peppermint an Excellent Relief for. "A teaspoonful of
essence of peppermint put in a tumbler of hot water, sipped occasionally,
is both a preventive and cure for sea-sickness."

Sea Sickness. Dr. Hare, of Philadelphia, says: "The bromides should be
used in the dose of five to ten grains three times a day for several days
before the patient sails to quiet the vomiting center." After sea sickness
begins the following combination is good:

(a) Citric Acid 2 drams
Distilled Water 4 ounces
Make a solution.

(b) Bromide of Potash 1 dram
Bicarbonate of Potash 1 dram
Distilled Water 4 ounces
Make a solution.

Then a tablespoonful of each of these solutions should be added to one
another and taken during effervescence. Lemon juice can be used in place
of citric acid in the first combination.

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